Are you looking for security solutions for your business or home? From CCTV systems to access control, we've got it all. Browse through the products and services that we have on offer and don't hesitate to give us a call for further inquiry!


In the current day and age, a close-circuit television (CCTV) system can be a powerful deterrent of crime, thus allowing you to provide constant surveillance for your home and business. It can also be used for more than just surveillance, you can use it to manage and optimize on-site inventory and productivity in your absence, or at any given proximity.

Using our services, you can build advanced CCTV systems using your company’s existing IT setup, or set up a system completely from scratch, thereby giving you the best value for your investment. You will be able to get a completely scalable CCTV system, exceeding the standards and after-sales services quality you’d expect from the wide array of substandard products in the market these days.

You will be able to get solutions from us according to your budget based on varying price ranges. We provide high quality CCTV systems only from OEMs like Hikvision and CP Plus.

Access control

The current ever-growing technologically influenced business industry the world over prioritizes solutions that offer higher efficiency for day-to-day operations. Amongst other needed solutions, security solutions such as access control are a very vital system of any growing business. The purpose of this system is to restrict unauthorized personnel from reaching pre-defined areas. This provides a foolproof way of ensuring safety for your business and assets. Our access control systems give you what you need with simplicity, quality and affordability with features such as;

  • -Time attendance
  • -In-time & out-time reports generation
  • -Automated biometric door locking/unlocking
  • -With extensive add-ons such as cloud integration, automated attendance tracking.

Data recovery

Lost your data through a mishap? Worry not! Because we got you covered! We recover deleted or corrupted data from all electronic devices, be it a pen drive, SSD, HDD, RAID or microSD. We do it as quickly as you need for the most reasonable prices, whilst maintaining the highest standards of data privacy and confidentiality.